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About me

So who is this crazy sheep lady armed with a camera?

My name is Emma, I am a photographer who loves capturing the special bond between animals and their Humans. I love the countryside, I'm a country girl through to the bone. (Although i dislike the realities of winter, always being plastered in mud!!!) I’m slave to three New Forest ponies, five pet sheep, and a young collie; and like any collie, her main mission in life is to keep everything under control and together. 

My background

There has been two main passions in my life; animals and art/photography. I've always been lucky enough to have lots of animals as part of my family, and this still remains the same today!

I started horse riding aged 7, at a place local to me called Shipham Riding and was instantly hooked, I started helping out at the yard before and after my weekly riding lessons and over the years this became a weekend job, and then a when I wasn’t at school, you would find me at the yard working and riding.

I started my working life as a groom, I have continued this along side photography, and currently work as a groom for Fourseasons stud, as an additional role, I capture beautiful images the equines within the stud to use on their social media platforms and website.


My creative side.

I have always enjoyed being creative; drawing and painting animals mainly, and later attending art college (and constantly being told my tutors that I needed to stop drawing animals and explore other subjects!!).
In my spare time I still enjoy being creative, spending a lot of time getting supplies from hobby craft…

My photography

Although I’ve always enjoyed taking photographs, it was about this time at college I really got a feel for photography, using SLR cameras in college, I longed for the day I could have my own… my simple point and shoot camera, and later the camera on my phone would have to do, although that didn’t stop me, I’m sure have thousands of photographs of our pets and the countryside.

My developing passion for photography and all things ponies; has led me down the path of photographing my friend’s ponies at competitions, and of course their pets, with just the camera on my phone. A few years ago I was lucky enough to be able to save up for a DSLR camera. Having the DSLR camera has allowed me to experiment with the types of shots I take at shows, waiting for the moment to capture the bond between the pony and rider/handler.